We want you to enjoy many years of precision cutting with Our Superior Culinary Master® knives. Always remember to exercise these safety measures while handling knives.

  • If you have a knife guard, use caution while inserting the knife.
  • Always cut away from your body and never toward it.
  • If the knife drops out of your hand, allow it to fall. Never attempt to catch a falling knife.
  • Never toss a knife.
  • When transporting a knife, wrap the knife inside secured box or package. DO NOT transport inside a bag, purse or plastic bags as these knives are sharp and will cut through material.
  • Do not run with a knife in your hand and never walk with the point of a knife facing another person or yourself.
  • Always keep knives away from children.
  • Your knives should always be maintained and sharpened. Sharp knives are safer than a dull one because it requires less pressure to cut.
  • Use knives for their intended purpose. DO NOT use knives as can openers, screw drivers, box cutters or staple removers.
  • Never run your fingers along the edge of the blade to test the sharpness of the blade.
  • Always use your knives on a firm surface such as a wooden, bamboo, or polyethylene cutting board.
  • Improper use such as attempting to cut frozen food can damage your knives and void your warranty.

Thank you for being a valued customer.
Canada Cutlery Inc.
Dated: January 2017


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