Which Knife to Use: Fish

Why are there so many different styles of knives available? Do we really need access to all of these great knives? Well I guess it isn’t exactly required to have so many knives on hand, but having the right tools can make the entire process much more fun, easier and faster! Recently we took a look at Sharpening Steels, Butchery and Small Intricate CutsCarving and Portioning and Chopping and Dicing, but today let’s take a look at the best knives to use for Fish!

Boning Knife, Semi Flex


The narrow, semi-flex blade is used to cut raw meat away from bones, trim fat and remove silverskin.  A semi-flex blade is often chosen when the Chef wants just one boning knife, as this blade has the benefits of both a flexible and stiff blade.  Used for fish, poultry, beef and pork.   The narrow, slightly curved blade provides good control of the blade tip when cutting around bones.

Filleting Knife


The flexible blade is used to fillet raw fish.  The flexible blade makes it perfect for removing skin and bones from both raw fish and poultry.

Fish Bone Tweezers/Fish Bone Pliers


Fishbone tweezers intended use is to pull small fish bones from your fillets. If you’re having trouble removing the bones, the pliers are best suited for the job!

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we discuss many different topics!

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