What Sets CCI Products Apart From Other Brands

CCI takes pride in our material quality and rigorous manufacturing process to create professional high quality tools for chefs, students and the everyday chef. In fact, CCI is one of the few brands that are permitted to say that our raw products are “Made in Solingen”. Solingen Germany is the steel manufacturing capital of the World. The name “Solingen” is synonymous with prestige and best in class.


CCI uses a few key ingredients and a special recipe in order to create the perfect knife. CCI can guarantee to deliver on all these levels.

  • Crafted in Europe from the highest grade of Solingen steel
  • X50CrMoV15 steel used on ALL blades, from the smallest to the largest
  • One piece hot drop forging by master cutlers in Europe
  • Dependable customer service and experience

CCI has been supplying professional quality knives and tools to Professional Chefs, the Food Service industry and Culinary Schools throughout North America for more than 60 years! CCI’s professional reputation is based on supplying quality products, providing excellent customer service and providing the experience and knowledge our customers want.

Take the time to educate yourself before making a purchase. A high quality knife is an investment that should support your culinary passion and give you years of enjoyment and confidence! For more educational information, please visit our website USA or Canada. When comparing knives, remember that ‘quality’ and ‘inexpensive’ do not belong in the same sentence!

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