Pairing with Beer for National Beer Lovers Day!

Pairing with food is thought to be associated with wine, but the versatility of beer cannot be overlooked! In fact, a great tasting beer can bring out many flavours that a dish may include. It’s National Beer Lovers Day so let’s celebrate accordingly and look at a handy guide to arranging your perfect match!


A classic! This is a light, crisp and refreshing beer everyone can enjoy! A Lager will pair excellently with light pasta dishes, Mexican cuisine and spicy food.


India Pale Ale (IPA)

The hoppy sweetness of an IPA with a hint of citrus is quite a refreshing beer as well. This beer pairs well with beef, spicy foods and desserts.


Try enjoying an ice cream, chocolate or dessert with the subtle coffee flavor of a stout! With tones of chocolate, malt and coffee, stouts pair beautifully with rich foods.



A beer with a light bitter flavor and refreshing finish is an excellent addition to a seafood dish or lighter meats like chicken.

In the end, pairing food with beer is an enjoyable experience for every beer drinker. A Citrus IPA for tackling spicy foods or a pilsner complimenting seafood, at the end of the day you can follow a simple rule of light beers with light food and heavy beers with heavy food!


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