Proud Supporter of the National ProStart Invitational.



 The Wooden Spoon Phenomenon.

Proud supporter of ACF Conferences and Educational Seminars.

CCI Inc. is a proud supporter of the ACF at both the National and Local levels. We have been sponsoring the ACF’s Educator Development Series for the past 18 years. Our sessions ran at the 4 regional conferences and the national conventions.

Topics from previous ACF Educator Develop sessions included:

Constructing the Perfect Course
Crafting Student Learning Outcomes
Course Objectives That Meet Assessment Criteria
Course Design using Online Technology

Sessions led by Dr. Joseph “Mick” La Lopa, PhD,
Associate Professor and Associate Department Head, Purdue University

Recent Awards

2015 Associate Member of the Year, American Culinary Federation Washington State Chefs Association

2014 Associate Member of the Year, MDCA Muskoka District Chefs Association

2013 Peter and Mary Louise Huebner of Canada Cutlery Inc. were presented “Cutting Edge Award #50” by Chef Michael Ty, CEC,AAC at the 2013 ACF National Convention in Las Vegas.

2011 Honorary American Academy of Chefs (HAAC) Inductee for our commitment to chef training and education.

2011 Associate Member of the Year (ACF Greater Buffalo NY Chapter)

2011 Vendor of the Year (ACF Capital District Central NY)

2010 American Culinary Federation (ACF) National Industry Partnership Award Recipient

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