How To: Use A Decorator Cutter

Have you ever ordered a drink or a meal at a restaurant that was accompanied by beautiful and creative garnishes? Have you ever wondered how you could re-create them at home? Well you’re about to find out and it is actually quite simple if you’re equipped with the proper tools!

Watch our instructional video below!  

This video shows you some of the basic ways to use a decorator cutter and create little masterpieces of your own. Wasn’t that a lot easier than you thought it would be?

Garnishing and decorating fruits and vegetables is such an easy and simple way to add a special touch to your dish or drink, especially for hosting dinner parties!

If you’d like to start creating decorations of your own but don’t have the right tools, browse through CCI’s Garnishing & Decorating catalog right here!

What’s the most extravagant fruit or vegetable you’ve seen decorated? Have the pictures to share? Let us know how helpful you found this post in the comment section below. Thanks and happy decorating!

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