Baking and all the Tips!


There are a variety of pastry tips ranging in size, shape, and product material to pipe anything from leaves, to flowers, to names. The most commonly used piping tips are the plain tips and star tips. Tips can usually be purchased individually or in sets. Let’s look further into what each tip can produce!


This tip is incredibly versatile and can be used to make dots, vines, scroll-work, little flowers, and lettering.


As the name suggests, this tip allows you to create the perfect addition to your floral design. The v-shaped tip creates a plain, ruffled, or stand-up leaves with the perfect pointed end.

Drop Flower:dropflower2

This tip is best for beginners and make pretty one-squeeze flowers (either plain or swirled) and stars when used at a 90° angle. The drop flower tip can have a variety of cuts on the end, which determines the number of petals the flower will have.


The ruffle tip allows a decorator to create ribbons, bows, streamers, scallops, and ruffles from a teardrop shaped opening. This tip can add a little elegancy to your creations!

Basket Weave:basketweave

The basket weave tip has two sides, a smooth side and a serrated side. The smooth side can create smooth and wide icing stripes. While the serrated side can create woven designs, pleats, and textured borders.


Although the name may make you think it can only create roses, this multifunctional tip can be used to make a variety of petals from roses, carnations, daisies, and many more! The tip is wide at one end and narrow at the other.

Star Open and Closed:starpipingtip

The star tip comes in both open and closed varieties, allowing for a wide range of decorations. As one of the most used pastry tips, it is often used to create both bottom and top borders. Tips with a small opening are great for lettering and can also be used for shells, stars, flowers, and rosettes.

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