The Wooden Spoon Phenomenon: Kitchen Hacks Part 2


Through our previous two blogs we have covered The Science of a wooden spoon as well as some kitchen hacks the wooden spoon can provide. A few hacks can save you time and even your food, but why stop at just a few hacks? We went over the famous water boiling over trick as well as ways to keep your food from over cooking in a broiling oven, but the wooden spoon has more ways to use this kitchen utensil as a kitchen hack. Today, my wooden spoon enthusiast is the day you will find out two more ways a wooden spoon can make your daily kitchen routine easier.

Checking the Temperature of Cooking Oil:

Did you know a wooden spoon can be used to check if oil is hot enough? You wouldn’t want to under cook fries, wings, pickles, mars bars, shrimp, chicken… Sorry I got a little side tracked there, but a wooden spoon can be used to check if the oil is hot enough to cook whatever delicious fried food you are making.  All you need to do is dip the handle in the oil. The oil will bubble, and if the bubbles are large and slow then the oil needs a few more minutes to heat up. If the bubbles are small and exploding quickly, the oil is ready to cook in!


For foodies, buying a brand new pan or pot can be very exciting! Many pots and pans have a non-stick surface.  While the non-stick surface works amazingly well when it comes to clean up, there is a problem – metal spoons can scratch this surface!  Hmmm, if only there was an alternative option that would do the same job without scratching and damaging the surface.  You guessed it – a wooden spoon! The smoothed and curved wood isn’t hard enough to scratch off the coating. Do yourself a favor; use a wooden spoon to keep those non-stick pans looking new and longer lasting.

Well that just about does it my wooden spoon connoisseur. All the information you need to know about the science and hacks of a wooden spoon is at your fingertips! Now you know how to make the most of the ever-so-useful kitchen utensil the wooden spoon.

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  1. Peter Hobson says:

    Yes, are the great advance of use wooden spoon. Another thing also is that it cools down to easy, unlike steals that took sometime to warm.


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