National Pancake Day!

What better way to start your Monday morning then by stacking up a tower of golden, light, fluffy cakes. I’m not talking about stacking up Birthday cakes or cupcakes, nope not for breakfast. What I’m talking about are those good old fashioned flapjacks, griddlecakes, flannel cakes, hot cakes or any other name you’d like to call it, but yes I am talking about PANCAKES! Today is #NationalPancakeDay and its time to celebrate. What’s great about pancakes is the simple fact you can have them for any type of meal and even create different types of art, yes that’s right art. You can spell names and draw pictures among other things, but the best way to utilize a pancake is by simply being able to smother your tower of cake with anything you want! Fruit, whip cream, maple syrup, and chocolate basically anything your heart desires! Today we will list some great recipes that can help you celebrate #NationalPancakeDay. All recipes provided by

Chunky Monkey Pancakes


Maple Bacon Pancake


Saturday Morning Blue Berry Pancakes


Fluffy Pancakes


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