Irish Themed Dishes to Make this St. Paddy’s Day

Once a year on March 17th everyone is little Irish! While quite a few of you probably like to think of green beer, late night debauchery, some “kiss me I’m Irish” memorabilia or maybe even a few pinches here and there, but St. Patrick’s is much more than that. This is a holiday celebrated by many people all across the globe with religious observances, parades, festivals, binge drinking and much more. This holiday has a way of touching the Irish in all of us.  Take a look below to discover your inner Irishman or Irishwoman this March!

Corned Beef and Cabbage


Irresistible Irish Soda Bread


Bacon And Cheese Corned Beef Burgers With Guinness Caramelized Onions And A Fried Egg


Cheesy Guinness Bread


St. Paddy’s is approaching quick! Share your favorite St. Patrick themed recipe with us! Have a safe, responsible and fun St. Paddy’s! Til next time!

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