Easter Egg Hunt

April showers, bring May flowers. This is true, April brings a lot of rain, gloomy days and some wet shoes, but the one constant great thing about April is Easter. Easter, the holiday that can provide you with sugary treats, chocolate, egg hunts and a long weekend. What’s not to like about the holiday.  Let’s have some fun to start the long weekend and show you some creative and fun designs for your very own Easter egg hunt!

Farm Animal Eggs:

For all the country bumbkins out there, take a look at these Farm Animal Easter Eggs. How can you not take one look at these and say “Those are so cute!”

Easter egg animals home decoration

The Classic Dyed Eggs:

These types of Easter Eggs are for the lovers of the classic and slick look of an egg. Simple, traditional and classic.

naturally dyed easter eggs

Egg Flower Vase:

Take a look at these gorgeous Easter Eggs. Any family or friends that visit you over the holiday will be impressed with such a beautiful and creative example of an Easter egg.

Egg Vase.jpg

Mosaic Easter Eggs:

You guys will get a crack out of this egg, full pun intended on this one. These mosaic eggs are made from a cracked egg. This provides a very creative look to any Easter Egg creation.

Mosaic Eggs.jpg

No matter what style of egg you create this week, have fun and be creative! Easter is a fantastic weekend, filled with some of the world’s finest things (chocolate and a long weekend). On behalf of everyone at CCI have a wonderful Easter long weekend!

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