What are Russian Piping Tips?

Russian piping tips have taken the icing world by storm! These new trending tips allow even the most amateur baker to create beautiful flowers complete with a detailed center and delicate petals. To create a detailed flower with traditional piping tips can be extremely difficult and take years to perfect, but with Russian piping tips the perfect flower can be created by anyone! CCI has the perfect 8 piece set for you!

Magnolia Shape – #241

T83000.36509 (241).jpg

Wild Tulip – #242

T83000.36510 (242).jpg

Rose – #243

T83000.36511 (243).jpg

Meadow Saffron – #244

T83000.36512 (244).jpg

Narcissus – #245

T83000.36513 (245)-N.jpg

Tulip – #246

T83000.36514 (246).jpg

Parrot Tulip – #247

T83000.36515 (247).jpg

Blossomed Parrot Tulip – #247W

T83000.36516 (247W).jpg

The full set of piping tips will provide you with multiple sizes and different models of piping tips. The more tips the more elaborate decorations you will be able to accomplish! Take a look here! USA or Canada.



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