Carving, Garnishing and Decorating: Colorful Leaves


noun: autumn; plural noun: autumns
  1. the third season of the year, when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.
    “the countryside is ablaze with color in autumn”

There are so many fun outdoor activities you can participate in during the Fall. You can go apple picking, do some pumpkin carving and go for long hikes to admire the colorful trees. However, as the weather gets colder many of us are tempted to stay inside and stay warm! So, what kind of indoor activity can you do that is fun and interesting yet different? The answer: carving and garnishing! I do have to admit it does require having the right tools and involves more time and focus, but how amazing is the finished product? If you have a passion for culinary this is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to start learning about garnishing and decorating.

For a full tutorial on how to carve these colorful leaves pictured above click here!

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