The Ultimate Baker Ruler

The Problem: You’re in your baking lab and you’re asked to caramelize your sugar. What do you bring the temperature to? You can’t seem to remember! What do you do next? Should you pull out your phone to Google it? Or get your textbook to look it up? Both these options seem unsanitary. WHAT DO YOU DO?

The Solution: The Ultimate Baker Ruler.

The Ultimate Baker Ruler (UBR)

The UBR is truly a baking student’s dream. Whether you’re in secondary or post-secondary school, this is the ULTIMATE learning tool. It provides the most comprehensive and useful information available and is European made to exacting standards with tempered stainless steel and non-toxic ink.

The UBR features useful facts and formulas, common measurements, unit abbreviations, weights, yeast conversions, custard and sugar temperatures, equivalents and much more! This ruler is considered the best on the market by Professional Bakers and Pastry Chefs.



To purchase it on the Canadian web click here and for the US click here.

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