The Mezzaluna Knife

The Mezzaluna knife is an easy-to-use and straightforward kitchen tool which makes your mincing and chopping jobs much more efficient. The Mezzaluna knife has a crescent blade that has vertical handles on either end. The blade can come in both single and double blade designs, with the handles most commonly made of plastic or wood.


5″ Mezzaluna Knife

Home cooks use the Mezzaluna knife less frequently, but it has long been popular in professional kitchens. Traditionally, it has been used for chopping and mincing herbs or smaller amounts of ingredients because it imitates the rocking motion and speedy precision of a traditional chef’s knife.

To use a Mezzaluna, place your hands on both handles and move it in a rocking motion back and forth on a cutting board. The chopping and mincing is practically done before you’ve even begun! The knife completes chopping and mincing quickly and efficiently. The Mezzaluna is also an incredibly safe tool to use as your fingers are always at a safe distance from the blade and there is no need to hold the herbs or ingredients in place while using it.

Product Item Number: 1211-140 (Available for Purchase Online – Canada)

Product Item Number: 1211-140 (Available for Purchase Online USA)

Accompanying Accessories: Mezzaluna Cutting Board


Cutting Board for Mezzaluna

The best kind of cutting board to use with the Mezzaluna knife is a small and indented chopping board. It increases your chopping power, is the perfect surface for small amounts of herbs and there is no spillage.

Product Item Number: 8805-200 (Available for Purchase Online Canada)

Product Item Number: 8805-200 (Available for Purchase Online – USA)

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