Cooking with Winter Vegetables

When we think of winter, we often think of cold, short days, and long for fresh fruits and vegetables from our home gardens. However, we can have some culinary fun with winter too as this season provides some great winter vegetables to satisfy our palettes. We can keep our gardens alive and our bellies full with these top winter vegetables and delicious recipes.

According to Eating Well, 5 of the top winter vegetables recipes are:

  1. Hearty Kale Salad


Kale is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables as this leafy green vegetable is packed with a wealth of nutrients. In addition to the fantastic health benefits, there are many varieties of kale that can be grown in the heart of winter.


  1. Potato- Leek Bisque


Leeks are also champions of the winter vegetable garden. Leeks do not require long and bright daytimes and they will continue to grow well in the short days of winter. Some varieties of leeks can even withstand plunging temperatures of up to -18°C (0°F).


3.     Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chard & White Beans


This delicious recipe includes two winter vegetable favourites, Acorn Squash and Chard. Chard is also remarkably cold tolerant and can survive winter temperatures dipping as low as 15 °F (-10 °C) without protection.

Acorn squash is considered to be a winter vegetable but it is actually harvested in the autumn. However, this vegetable will keep throughout the cold winter months. The acorn squash is sweeter, more dense, and firm in comparison to summer squash.


  1. Green Soup with Yams and Sage


Yams are the sweet and delicious vegetable that will brighten up a dreary winter day. Yams contain high-quality carbohydrates that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre, making them a healthy option with any winter evening meal!


  1. Spinach Soup with Rosemary Croutons


 Although tender on touch and taste, spinach is quite a tough plant and can survive milder winters without any protection. The plant will continue to grow slowly during the winter months and will even come back vibrant and healthy in spring.


These delicious winter ingredients can be prepared with a wide range of seasonings to create many crowd-pleasing dishes. Bon Appétit!

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  1. thirdkultured says:

    This makes healthy actually look tasty! 🙂


  2. everything looks delicious! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes


    1. Bon Appétit! We hope you enjoy them.


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    Winter is still ongoing, enjoy the cold with some culinary fun with winter vegetables! Take a look at this blast from the past for the best winter vegetable recipes!


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