Pumpkin Carvings for Everyone!

October, the beautiful time of the year where leaves begin to change and weather changes from hot to warm to cold! October brings us many delightful treats like Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends or the spooky looking children running the streets trick or treating, but a favorite October past time that gets over looked is the art of pumpkin carving! This blog will be dedicated to the many ideas that pumpkin carving can have.

Pumpkin Eating another pumpkin!

Why carve one pumpkin when you can carve two!


Harry Potter

Or keep it simple for all those young wizard fans out there with this Harry Potter style pumpkin.

5d7c9c68eb1493aecca55fde6ef3463e.jpgDon’t like these ideas? Check the thousands of designs online! Share your best pumpkin carving to help celebrate fall and Halloween! If you need extra help carving your pumpkin check out CCI’s pumpkin carving kit Canada or US. Til Next Time!

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