Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween! The wonderful time of the year where we can dress up as our favorite superhero, villain, role model or just someone we may admire and desire to be, but either way Halloween represents the time of year that you are able to dress up like a banana without getting the extra stares from strangers (I’ve learned this the hard way). Every year a new trend takes over Halloween, whether it’s the new hero everyone wants to be or the new slasher villain in the upcoming movie, but the one constant for every Halloween without fail is the ever so wonderfully sweet CANDY! This Halloween we will take a look at some ghoulishly delightful Halloween sweets that are a must have at any Halloween party.

Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes.


Peanut Butter Spider Cookies


Dirt Cake



Caramel Apples


This Halloween remember to have fun, stay safe, but most of all enjoy the treats that the holiday brings. From everyone here at CCI have a spooktacular Halloween! Til Next Time

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