A Guide to the Tastiest American Thanksgiving.


November, the lovely month where temperature goes 0-100 quick, or I guess I should say 100-0. The month will have days feeling like the end of summer to the beginning of fall then all of a sudden the clocks go forward and the temperature will have you wondering if its February or November. While November really starts to bring on that winter cold it can also bring on some delightful days in our calendars. Whether you like sports, hot chocolate, warm clothing or Christmas decorating November has something to offer everyone, but November also has the ever so wonderful American holiday on which you fill yourself up with massive dinners and deserts with family and friends. That wonderful holiday is Thanksgiving. This blog will be dedicated to the classic thanksgiving dinner recipes that have become a mainstay on the American thanksgiving dinner table. Although they are not as classic as the recipes found in “The American Cookery” By Amelia Simmons; these recipes will still have a little nostalgia with them. All recipes provided by the Food Network.


Turkey with Stuffing


Velvety Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes usa.jpeg

Glazed Carrots.

carrots usa.jpeg

Pumpkin Pie

pie usa.jpeg

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It is a special time of the year where family and friends gather together to enjoy a beautiful feast. On behalf of everyone at CCI we’d like to wish all of our American friends a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Til Next Time!

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