Happy Holiday! Gifts from CCI!


Holidays are just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to start cooking up some ideas of what to get your loved ones. Nobody is the same, knives may not be the perfect gift to some, but CCI has gifts to offer every chef! Whether you are buying a gift for the hobby chef, professional chef or the beginner chef, CCI has all sorts of knives and products to offer! In this blog we will take a look at some of the best gift ideas CCI has to offer anyone who enjoys making those delicious Sunday Dinners!

Holiday Sale!

With holidays on the horizon, CCI has decided to offer a very special holiday sale on their Website (Canada) (US). Select Red, White and Green handled CCI knives will be 25% off until December 22nd, 2016. To take advantage of this offer all you need is the coupon code: XMAS2016.


Knife Block with Full Tang POM Technik Series Knives:


Everyone from the hobby chef to the professional needs a set of kitchen knives they can rely on. Quality knives will create a more fun, enjoyable and safer experience This Knife block set includes the following items:

4” Paring Knife- This knife is used for peeling, removing seeds, de-veining shrimp and trimming fruits and vegetables.

6” Utility Knife- This mid-sized knife is used for miscellaneous, light cutting tasks. The blade is generally 5 – 7″ long, in between a paring knife and a chef’s knife.

8” Cooks Knife-This knife is the all-purpose, “work knife” in the kitchen. It’s used for a variety of slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing tasks.

8” Bread Knife- Used to easily cut slices of bread with harder crusts.

8” Carving Knife- Used to slice cooked meat, including poultry, roasts and hams. A carving knife is generally wider than a slicing knife, but narrower than a Chef’s knife.

8” Roast fork- A straight or roast fork is used to see if the meat if fully cooked and/or to steady meat while slicing or carving.  It has long straight lines.

10” Forged Steel- This sharpening steel is almost exclusively used in the butcher industry. A few strokes on either side will provide a razor like edge and maintain the quality of the knife

Kitchen Shear-Kitchen shears are suited for a number of tasks, some of which include cutting the fins off fish or through small poultry bones.

Pastry Bags and Tips

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little holiday baking! CCI can offer a number of pastry products that will have anybody baking with joy! CCI offers piping tip sets in both plastic and metal with multiple sizes and different models of piping tips. The more tips the more elaborate decorations you will be able to accomplish. We also offer top of the line polypropylene pastry bags! Bakers will use these pastry bags to create beautiful shapes and decorations.


From everyone at CCI, we would like to wish everybody a safe and happy holiday season! Til next time!

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