A shoe that is both delicious and fashionable?

The Italian sushi chef Yujia Hu has taken the internet by storm recently with his fun and creative style of sushi with a mix of NBA players’ signature sneakers. Chef Hu is creating sushi masterpieces of Yeezy, Air Jordan, Adidas, Fila and the list goes on. He posts all his fun creations to his Instagram page theonigiriart. Not only are his creations tasty, they are spot on! Take a look below and see for yourself!

Air Jordan

Air Jordans

Air Jordans2.jpg

Yeezy 350:


yeezy350 2.jpg


Can’t decide if I’m hungry or if I’m ready to practice my jump shot, but either way these shoe-shis are a slam dunk! Interested in sushi making? Take a look at these knives CDN & US. Til next time!

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