Rosewood vs. Winewood and its Importance

For CCI, sustainability begins with our handles.

The word “Sustainability” is an important buzz word in the industry now a days, but what does that word mean and how does it have anything to do with CCI knives? Well my friend, sit back and enjoy your coffee while we tell you the scoop and all the information you need to know about sustainability and how it relates to CCI knives.

Rosewood Cites

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is well known for their work protecting endangered species of animals including, tigers and elephants. However, their work goes beyond protecting endangered animals and also includes all wildlife species ranging from plants, flowers and trees; they really cover it all. How do the species on this list affect CCI Knives?  While it does not affect all lines of CCI knives or even the steel of the knives itself, a certain line of Superior Culinary Master®, the Full Tang Winewood Series, has a wooden handle. Many consumers believe that Winewood and Rosewood are the same species of wood, but that is completely false. Read on below to learn about the differences between Winewood and Rosewood.


Rosewood or Dalbergia Latifolia is considered to be an endangered species and is currently listed on the CITES appendices. When a species is put onto the CITES list they are given a different level of protection. These levels are known as Appendix I, Appendix II and Appendix III. 

Appendix I is considered to be the biggest threat. If a species has been placed on this level it is considered to be at the highest threat of extinction and therefore are the most strictly regulated. Appendix II is where the gorgeous Dalbergia Latifolia (Rosewood) is located. If a species is listed under this level it is considered to be at risk of extinction. Species at this level are closely regulated. Appendix III is the last level of protection. When a species is listed at this level it generally means that a certain country has requested for that species to be regulated or protected.

Winewood (CCI knives)


Winewood or African Padauk is the CCI choice for our Superior Culinary Master® Full Tang Winewood Series. This species of wood is not listed in the CITES Appendices; it’s also very uncommon and highly unlikely for anybody to have any allergies related to this species of wood. Our Winewood handles also have the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) stamp of approval, meaning that CCI complies with the strict standards and procedures imposed by the NSF. The African Padauk is a gorgeous brownish red with excellent decay resistance. Commonly used for musical instruments, furniture, tool handles and other small specialty objects.

Winewood Handle-Large

 The richly colored Winewood handle combines the beauty of hardwoods and the strength and performance of plastic. Carefully selected North American hardwood veneers are impregnated with phenolic thermosetting resins. Under intense heat and pressure, multiple layers of these treated hardwoods are fused into a solid homogeneous material that is as beautiful as it is functional and strong.

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