National Culinary Arts Month – Giving Thanks

July is a perfect month for a number of reasons; terrific weather, schools out, patio drinks and full restaurants! July is also a time to celebrate chefs and the culinary industry as it is #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth! This celebratory month is a perfect time to give thanks to professional cooks, chefs and all those involved in the culinary industry; creating trends and serving us. This blog will be dedicated to a number of reasons why we should all give thanks to the culinary world!

1. Gracefully dealing with unpleasant customers


Many times a chef, server or host/hostess will have to deal with a saucy customer who thought that the food was not acceptable. Instead of speaking with someone politely they decided to deal with it by screaming at the closest possible worker.  So thank you for your patience.

2. Being generous with your time.

Chef’s and other culinary professionals work long tough hours on holidays, weekends, nights and days so others can wine, dine and enjoy a well cooked meal out with family and friends. So thank you for being generous.

3. Being thoughtful

Your chef, server and your host/hostess will usually be very accommodating to any special request required. It doesn’t matter if it’s allergies, vegetarian request, seating arrangements or accessibility requirements; a culinary professional will take the time to listen to you, hear you and make any adjustments needed to help make your night out as awesome as they can! So thank you for being thoughtful and accommodating.

This list could go on and on, lets give one last special thanks! Thank you to all aspiring culinary professionals and experienced culinary professionals. Without you the world would look more gloomy than sunny. Enjoy National Culinary Arts Month, you deserve it! Cheers!


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