Top 5 Tools a Chef Can’t Live Without

Every chef is different and no two chefs are the same, but every chef needs certain tools in the kitchen to help them create a feast! Whether you are a hobby chef or a professional chef; you need to have your tools! This blog will list out the top 5 tools a chef can’t live with out!

  • Chef’s Knife 


  • Paring Knife 
  • Serrated Knife


No matter what kind of chef you are, the top 3 knives listed above are a must have in the kitchen. It is essential to find a chef knife that is comfortable in your hand. Weight, feel and grip are all important while purchasing.  The Paring knife is perfect for any job the requires small intricate cuts that a larger knife are not suitable or safe to do. The Serrated Knife is perfect for cutting breads, cakes or anything else with harder crusts.

  • Whisk 

Whisks are underrated and a very important tool in the kitchen! The whisk is an essential item to have in the kitchen when it comes to making salad dressings and smooth sauces!

  • Spatula

We use a spatula so much in the kitchen with out even realizing we are using it! This tool is used to scrape every last bit of cake batter, scraping sauce from a pan, smoothing icing and tempering chocolate. This tool is a must have!

You can find all the products you need at CCI! What is your favorite tool in the kitchen? Til next time!

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