National Coffee Day!

Is your daily dose of coffee not enough? Need something extra to jump start your day? Who knows, maybe it’s just some caffeinated education that you need! Its National Coffee Day today; so let’s celebrate that wonderfully warm and tasty beverage we have all come to know and love. This blog will be dedicated to our friend that helps us get through the day, wakes us up, helps a hangover or just provides a tasty drink to the consumer. Check out below for some crazy coffee facts you might not know!

  • Brazil is where the majority of coffee is produced.


Many people believe that the majority of the world’s coffee comes from Columbia, but in actual fact Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee! That is twice as much as Columbia!

  • The second most traded commodity on Earth is…. Coffee!

It is quite a shock that coffee is ahead of things like Natural Gas, Wheat and Gold, but it will be hard to get past number one on the list – oil!

  • Arabica and Robusta are the two types of coffee beans.


Arabica makes up about 70% of all coffee beans! If you’re looking for a bigger kick try Robusta as it has twice as much caffeine in it!

  • Coffee is actually a seed

Coffee “beans” are actually the pits of a cherry like berry that grow on bushes. Given that the seeds are very similar to a bean people often referred to them as a bean.

Have a cup of Java today, you deserve it! Happy National Coffee Day!

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