Organization and it’s Affect on Food

Last month we re-blogged a post from tylersculinary and we are doing it again. He’s really got some great advice!

Here is his post on organization in the kitchen and how important it is to maintain a clean workstation to increase productivity while you work.


With many things keeping an organized workstation increases productivity. Every chef ie worked under had a desk that was always a mess, but I’m talking about cooking in a clear workstation. When I first started cooking my station was cluttered and unorganized. As I moved up I started keeping my station more and more organized. My productivity and speed went up significantly and I felt better about my job.

It can be hard to keep a workstation organized when you’re prepping five things simultaneously. When the workstation is organized and in compartments it makes the job(s) significantly easier. In restaurant kitchens the usual first thought is go as fast as you can. It’s true you must work with speed, but speed doesn’t mean much without efficiency.

In the restaurant industry it’s common to get thrown into a position with no formal training. On one occasion my first day at a…

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