March Madness Sandwiches

March Madness, the phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche to determine the national champions of college basketball is here!

This means you are probably going to be hosting or attending social gatherings to watch some games!

Need a delicious snack to impress the guests? Try this smoked turkey, baby spinach and chipotle panini sandwich demonstrated by Chef Sebastien Cannone.

Purchase any tools from the video below:

Bowl Scraper
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Pastry Brush
CDN Flag  USA Flag
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Offset Spatula
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Plastic Piping Tip
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Disposable Piping Bag
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Chef’s Knife
CDN Flag  USA Flag
Bread Knife
CDN Flag  USA Flag

What other snacks are you planning on making for March Madness?

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