Who took the Cast Iron Chef title?

Cast Iron Chef Competitors celebrating a job well done!

On Thursday, March 5th, 2015, a group of high school students battled it out in the kitchen in hopes of becoming Fleming College’s next Cast Iron Chef. The annual competition hosted by Fleming College was held at Fulford’s Restaurant.

There were three teams consisting of a Fleming chef/faculty member, one to two Fleming culinary students, and about ten secondary school students. Their task? Simple: each team had to prepare an appetizer, entree and dessert with mandatory ingredients for each course. The not so simple part: making this three-course meal for approximately 80 guests! Let’s not forget that these students are from seven different high schools and are put into teams the morning of the competition! Team work, communication and confidence are all important elements to have within your team to ensure a successful outcome. 

It is safe to say that these high school students adapted right away and are exceptionally talented. They have learned a tremendous amount from this experience and have a very bright future ahead of them! Take a look at the menu for the night. It’s always amazing to see how creative the students are and how standard mandatory ingredients can be turned into different yet delicious masterpieces!

Cast Iron Chef Menu

Appetizer Winner: Team 1

Team 1 Appetizer
Smoked & Candied Salmon featuring “Windmill Farms” mushroom puree blini and pickled red onions.

Main Course Winner: Team 2

Team 2 Entree (2)
Duck Duet – East meets West: Duck breast a l’orange, “Thai” duck spring roll, butternut squash puree, parsley potato chips and micro greens.

Dessert Winner: Team 3

Team 3 Desserts
“Crosswind Farms” goat cannoli with creme Anglaise, mixed berry coulis and dark chocolate shavings.

For these students that show such an interest for food and have a passion for cooking this opportunity is truly one they will not forget. I am positive that every single student has learned something from this experience that will benefit them in the long-run.

This is also a great opportunity for Fleming College to attract students to enroll in their culinary programs. Not only do all net proceeds from the event go to student enrollment initiatives, but the chosen winners will receive selected textbooks and a first-year knife kit (best one out there!) should they choose to attend a full-time culinary program at Fleming College in the Fall. This is a huge incentive when choosing what College to attend!

Overall, it was an absolutely great event and as we said in our last blog on competitions, win or lose, competition always makes you stronger! Check out this recap video from CHEXtv.

Thanks for reading!

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