Always cook with a plan

What’s the initial feeling you get when you look at your calendar for the week? A sense of happiness with all the free time you have? Or is it an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety when you see all the meetings and appointments you have scheduled? Whether you are planning what to do with your cleared week or planning around that busy schedule, it’s always nice to have a plan and know what you will be doing next. Just like your work week, it is important to plan in the kitchen, and that’s exactly what Tyler touches on in this blog post!


Recently at school we have taken a mock version of a certified sous chef certification of the American Culinary Federation. On occasion I would go to class without much of a plan on what I would be making the next day. With a certification like this they want everything planned and a lot of technique shown. A menu, timeline, prep list, equipment list and a scrap utilization list are almost all required to pass. It can work, but if something goes wrong there’s little time to come up with a plan B.
I’ve been spending a lot of time working on organization and planning and it’s helped tremendously. You run into less problems and when problems do arise you’ve saved so much time by managing your time you can come up with a viable back up plan. The time spent making a prep list and time line beat the stress…

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