We are Coming for your Holiday Dinner!

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the kitchen,

Nobody would help, or even pitch in.

While the children danced and played in the snow,

All knives were clean and ready to go.

The family fell asleep, all snug in their beds,

While visions of feasting crept into their heads.

While Nana, Papa, Mike and Julie dream of the meal to come their way,

Mom and Dad lay awake, thinking of the prep to come the next day.

With so much to cook, so much to make,

Where to start? What to bake?

It’s the holidays, have a glass of wine,

CCI is here to help, just in the nick of time!

Honey Glazed Ham:


Chef John’s Roast Turkey and Gravy:


Cranberry, Sausage and Apple Stuffing:


Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes:


Raspberry and Almond Short bread:


On behalf of everyone here at CCI, we would like to wish a Happy Holiday’s to all, and to all a successful holiday feast!

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