Another year is in the books and 2017 looks to be an interesting and different one to say the least. The one constant that most people have this time of yearare the ever so wonderful New Year’s Resolutions. Take a look at The Effective Chef’s New Year’s Resolutions by Harvest America Ventures Culinary Cues Blog

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Why do we bother to create a list of year to come resolutions when more often than not we disregard the list soon after it is written? Is it because of a tradition that lacks commitment, or because we know that we could and should do some things differently? Is it an indirect way of apologizing to ourselves for neglecting some things that need attention and the list is an attempt at changing our ways, or is it simply the list itself since this is the way that chefs, in particular, organize their days and their lives?

The truth is that even the most effective chefs (or pick your career professional) could put together a list of actions that would make them better at what they do – professionally and personally. What is lacking (typically) is not an inability to live up to the resolutions, but rather a lack of…

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