Back to School!

It’s January 10th and school is finally getting back into the swing of things.  The early morning alarms, late night studying and even a few tears during exams, but school is finally back!  This blog will be dedicated for all those aspiring chef’s beginning or continuing their education in 2017.  Below The Discriminating Chef will try to give you a few helpful hints to make it to those warm summer months!


  1. First and foremost, be ready!

Buy the required material, kits and books. The classes will continue no matter when you have received your required material.  Don’t get left behind in class!

  1. Brush up on your safety tips!


Over winter break you may have taken a break from the kitchen to relax and unwind. Before you head back into the kitchen brush up on all your safety requirements including, but not limited to: Knife safety, hygiene, food danger zones and food temperatures to avoid getting those pesky and painful food borne illnesses.

  1. Learn!

Take your time, study hard, ask questions, attend classes and try your best! The semester is just beginning and you are paying to be there. Make the most out of every experience in the kitchen and classroom.



Late night readings, early morning classes and long days in the kitchen could have you feeling like this is all impossible, but just remember you possess all the abilities to be there and accomplish all tasks and challenges given to you during the semester. You are neither the first student nor the last, so don’t let the stress and work load bring you down. Focus, study, and work hard and at the end of the year you can say “I did it!”

On behalf of everyone at CCI, we would like to wish every a fun and successful winter term! Til next time!

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