The Great Debate: Pineapple Pizza

The great debate! Back and forth opinions on such a hot-button topic have set the internet a buzz recently; even celebrities and politicians are getting involved.  Is pineapple pizza an acceptable form of food?  The pineapple pizza pie has been around for decades, but has quickly become a controversial topic in recent weeks.  With harsh words from Icelandic President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson who declared he would ban pineapple as a topping in his country if he could make laws on his own. Even celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay had declared “you don’t put pineapple on pizza” (there may have been some other words in that statement that shouldn’t be put in our blog, but you get the gist). Today we will break down the pros and cons of this pizza to help you make an informed decision on the great pineapple pizza debate.


Fruit is healthy, so can pineapple really convince yourself “pineapples are healthy; I can have that extra slice”. I believe you can!

Add some ham to the pizza and you’ve got yourself a Hawaiian pizza! It’s pretty hard to resist such a sweet and savory flavor combo.

If you’re ordering for a group of people, there is a high possibility that the others are not on #TeamPineapple, so that means you don’t have to share.



Pineapple pizza can come with some harsh judgement from the other side of the coin.

There is a good possibility that you will offend at least one Italian with your unforgivable life choice.

The extra topping could possibly limit your topping combinations. Anything other than pepperoni and ham may not give you the best flavor combo.

This has been the most intense debate since the duck tape vs. duct tape debate, but no matter where you stand; what you choose to put on your pizza is your choice, not the President of Iceland or even Gordon Ramsay.  Can’t we all just get along and be happy that pizza of all kinds exists! Are you on #TeamPineapple?

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  1. Commis Chris says:

    Pineapple goes on Pizza. Pineapple, canadian bacon, banana peppers and garlic butter. The sweetness of the pineapple amplified with the roasted goodness of the pineapple (personally I recommend roasting the pineapple in advance in order to add depth to the pineapple.) Now you add the Umami from the canadian bacon and a slight bitterness with the garlic, banana peppers for added sweetness, a little crunch and the slightest bit of heat and now you have a pizza with all of the flavors. #digestthepassion


  2. The President of Iceland’s words wasn’t harsh! It was said in the same tone as someone would say “I’d rather die than…” Nothing serious about it.
    Cheers from Iceland


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