Top 5 of the Most Controversial Foods

Great thing about flavor and taste buds is that everyone can have their own opinions about the food they eat. Whether you loathe them or love them, you probably have some opinion about the food on this list!

Brussels Sprouts


The bitter green that is feared by children all over the world! People are naturally disinclined to like bitter flavor, but it could all be boiled down to genes! People who carry TAS2R38 gene perceive  more bitterness than those who don’t.

Hot Sauce

What other species enjoys hot sauce other than humans? It’s rare for humans to be born with the taste for spicy foods, but many grow to love it. Studies show that a spicy diet correlate to lower chances of heart attacks and strokes. Sorry spice haters!

Black Liqorice


This is debatable, some love it and others hate. Some say you are born with your love or hatred of black licorice, but that has yet to be proven.

Hawaiian Pizza


It’s pretty hard to resist such a sweet and savory flavor combo, but adding any other toppings than pepperoni, ham and pineapple may not give you the best flavor combo. Check out The Great Debate: Pineapple Pizza for more information.



It’s hard to find anybody who has a neutral feeling towards olives. This is absolutely a love or hate kind of food.

There are many other foods in this world that could fit on this list. Let us know what belongs on the list and what doesn’t!

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