Steak Knives: Straight Edge Vs. Serrated Edge

Steak lovers from all over will usually waste no time when it comes to tearing into their cut of steak, while others take their time slicing with a more clean cut approach. Many things can play a factor into your choice of steak knife, it can be feel, touch, look or care and use, but ultimately it can come down to personal preference. So to help you make a decision on your steak knife I have highlighted the benefits of each knife below!

Straight Edge:


The straight edged steak knife offers a beautifully sleek design with a razor sharp edge. This style of knife will slice through the cut of steak almost like butter with a clean, non-tearing cut. Straight edged steak knives will require more periodic sharpening depending on how much you use the knife.

Serrated Edge:


The serrated edged steak knife offers effective razor sharp serrations while maintaining a classic design. The knife will cut through any quality of steak with ease, but making more of a rustic cut. The serrated edge will maintain its cutting precision for an extended period of time compared to a straight edge (depending of use).

There really is no wrong way to cut your steak. As long as that saviour piece of steak makes it to your mouth who really cares what style of knife you use. It all comes down to personal preference! Check out all CCI knives serrated or straight edge we got em all!

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