Essential Tools Every Baker Should Own

What baking tools do I need? That is a great question many hobby chefs and bakers ask themselves. So I will go through the essential baking tools every baker should own! This blog will not breakdown the “basic” items like an oven or a measuring cup, but rather dive deeper into the essentials. Read on below.

Rubber Spatula

Many different sizes and brands, but they will all do the trick! Used to spread icing and stir batters. I would recommend a heat-resistant spatula up to 600°F. Here are some options USA or Canada.

Pastry Brush


Pastry brushes are used to egg wash, moisturize cakes with syrups and brush loose crumbs from cake tops. Easy to maintain and very basic! Take your pick! USA or Canada.

Pastry Bag

A pastry bag is used to pipe semi solid foods. These foods range from icing to mashed potatoes. A baker will use a pastry bag to create beautiful shapes and decorations. thermohauser has you covered! USA or Canada.

Piping Tips


Piping tubes are used mainly for writing, dotting, drawing lines, or flower centers. These lines can be used in lattice or lace work. thermohauser has you covered! USA or Canada.

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