3 of the Worst Mistakes People Make with Their Kitchen Knives

Any good chef in the culinary industry will tell you that their knives are the most important tools of their craft. Everyone will make mistakes with their knives at some point along the way, but if you are really not sure about how to care for your knives you could drastically reduce their lifespan! From purchasing, to kitchen, to storage, this blog is about some of the most common mistakes you could be making with your knives!

1. Purchase


Let us start from the beginning, the moment you purchase your set of knives. Knives can range anywhere from $1.00 each to well over $400.00 each! That is a HUGE difference in price and is why many people have trouble deciding. When purchasing knives you can get an affordable high quality knife from $35.00 to $100.00 each (depending on style, handle, type, etc.) Take a look here for some options USA or Canada. These knives, with proper care will last a life time! Purchasing less expensive knives can be tempting, but spending a little bit extra on your knives will save you money and frustration!

2. Storage


Storing your knives is just as important as the purchase. We all know that space in the kitchen may be at a premium, but please give your knives a special spot! Storing them in a loose drawer is not ideal! If you need to keep them in a drawer; invest in an in-drawer storage system that will keep the knives from hitting and banging off each other. A knife block, magnet bar, case or roll are also ideal choices for storage! Check them out here! USA or Canada.

3. Sharpening


In most cases the set of knives you purchased also came with a sharpening steel. Use it! While using your knife you are slightly moving the edge as well as dulling it. This happens to all knives, but can become dangerous and may cause some extra fingers as a side dish, let’s try to avoid that! Sharpen your knives on a regular basis! Some choices can be found here. USA or Canada.

Honorable mention:

  • Do not use a dishwasher
  • Do not use a glass cutting board
  • Transport your knives safely and properly

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