Which Knife is Best for Butchery?

The captain of the kitchen will always have their trusted knife of choice ready for work: The Chef’s Knife, but a butcher or grill master will need something a little different for their craft: A butcher knife. These knives are heavier and have a curved blade to help slice through your cut of meat. CCI has three different styles of butcher knives; the classic Butcher Knife, the Scimitar or the Salt Bae favorite, the Breaking Knife. Let’s go through each style to help you make an informed decision.

Classic Butcher Knife:


The butcher knife is the most commonly used knife by butchers. This knife can be used to split, strip or cut meat. The curved, thicker blade allows for a more efficient rocking motion and weight for greater leverage.  It can be used to cleanly cut through skin, cartilage and small bones.




It is a useful tool for chefs who cut large pieces of raw meat, such as for portioning steak. Scimitars are typically 10 inches or longer.

Breaking Knife:


This knife has become very popular in the last year since the viral chef Nusret Gökçe or “Salt Bae” sent the internet into frenzy in early 2017 with his ever so erotic way he handles, cuts and salts his beef. Nusret Gökçe is a chef and restaurant co-owner of a chain of Turkish Steak houses called Nusr-Et. He was given the nickname “Salt Bae” because of his flashy salting skills and an almost romantic appreciation for a hefty slice of meat. The Breaking knife has a strong, rigid curved blade is used to “break” through skin, light cartilage, and small bones.  The 10″ blade is typically used for larger pieces of meat than the 8″ blade length.

Being a chef or butcher like Mr. Gökçe requires skill, training, passion and a sensual love of beef, but to slice your beef like Salt Bae or any professional butcher all you need is a high quality chef knife! Check out CCI’s Butcher knives to slice like bae! (CAN) & (US).

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