Do’s and Don’ts of Knife Safety!

Cuts and lacerations are some of the most common injuries reported in restaurants and kitchen. These types of injuries can be reduced by implementing some simple strategies. Nobody likes a side of fingers with their salad!

Strategies when not handling a knife.

• After using a knife, clean it immediately and put it away

• Carry only one knife at a time, tip pointed down at your side

• Store knives securely in a knife block or in an appropriate rack with the sharp edges pointed away from you

• When you stop cutting, place knife in a flat safe place

• Never leave knives soaking in water

Strategies while handling a knife.

• Keep knives sharp (dull knives are unsafe and cause fatigue)

• Never leave knives soaking in water • Make sure your hands are dry and the surface you are working on is not slippery

• Place a non-slip pad under cutting boards

• Always use a cutting board. This will aid in keeping knives sharp

• Keep fingers tucked in on the hand that’s holding the food when cutting

• Direct your knife strokes away from your body when cutting

• Hold the knife firmly with your dominant hand

• Never try to catch a falling knife, instead step back and warn others

Another safety technique is how to properly insert a knife into a knife guard take a look below!

These are some simple strategies that will go a long way in the kitchen and a long way in saving yourself some ugly cuts! Remember to always take extra caution while handling CCI’s Professional Quality Chef Knives. If you need some knife guards take a look here! Canada or USA

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