Knife Cleaning and Storage

What is the proper cleaning method to keep your knives in tip top shape?

All knives should be washed by hand with regular dish washing detergent and warm water. A wood handled knife should not be immersed in water, it should simply be wiped clean and dried. Although some knives say “Dishwasher Safe,” knives should never be put in the dishwasher, as personal injury or blade damage could occur if they are not placed and removed carefully. Acidic foods (lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, etc.) should not remain on the knife blade after use as they can cause discoloration. To avoid this problem, a knife should be cleaned as soon as the cutting job is done. If a blade does tarnish or stain, a non-abrasive metal or stainless steel cleaner or polish will restore its luster.

What are some ways to store my knives?

Chef’s Attaché Cases 


A Chef’s Attaché Case, like the Culinary Caddy™, provides the ultimate in knife and culinary tool storage. It is for those discerning few who want to protect their valuable knife investment in the most discriminating way.

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Knife Rolls


Knife Rolls are ideal for storing and transporting knives and culinary tools from one location to another. Knife rolls can be placed inside bigger tool kits to protect knives from hitting other culinary tools.

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Knife Blocks


CCI’s Knife Blocks are constructed from the finest Canadian Maple and provide practical and safe storage. They are extremely attractive and add a designer touch to the household kitchen! Store knives safely and in a way that protects the blade from damage! Knives should not be stored in a kitchen drawer – irreparable blade damage as well as personal injury can occur!

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  1. Kevin Fleming says:

    Don’t forget, tool boxes are the standard.


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