Professional Knife Safety Facts



  • Cuts and lacerations are some of the most common injuries reported in restaurants. These types of injuries can be reduced by implementing some simple strategies.
  • Keep knives sharp (dull knives are unsafe and cause fatigue)
  • Never leave knives soaking in water
  • Make sure your hands are dry and the surface you are working on is not slippery
  • Place a non-slip pad under cutting boards
  • Always use a cutting board. This will aid in keeping knives sharp
  • Keep fingers tucked in on the hand that’s holding the food when cutting
  • Direct your knife strokes away from your body when cutting
  • Hold the knife firmly with your dominant hand
  • Never try to catch a falling knife, instead step back and warn others


  • After using a knife, clean it immediately and put it away
  • Carry only one knife at a time, tip pointed down at your side
  • Store knives securely in a knife block or in an appropriate rack with the sharp edges pointed away from you
  • When you stop cutting, place knife in a flat safe place
  • Never leave knives soaking in water

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