Healthy Eating On A Student Budget Advice from Troubles of a Twenty-Something

Healthy eating, can at times become very expensive. On top of the expenses you have loans, tuition, books and much more. Where do you find the time to meal plan and cook when most of the time you are hitting the books? Here is a little advice from someone who can relate Trouble of a Twenty-Something.

Who doesn’t love student life? Endless friends and possibilities to meet new people. The option to go out every night of the week. Living with your best pals. And the four months of endless summer is an extra perk. Sure, a little tiny smidge of studying is also involved, but out of a full time job and student life? We’d all choose the latter. Despite our loans and overdrafts and student discount, nights out are always prioritized, bank balances shrivel and every day luxuries go out the window. I’d happily live off pasta and baked beans on toast for two weeks if it meant I could go on the ski trip and to the Christmas ball. And while I did attempt this for a while, my increasingly sluggish mood and even more rapidly increasing waistline made me take action.

via Healthy Eating On A Student Budget — Troubles of a Twenty-Something

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