National Poultry Day

National Poultry Day is upon us, and although it is not very well-known it is still a nice way to acknowledge and celebrate an animal that can provide us with eggs and meat! To have a nice chicken dinner you’ll need some special tools!



Food-borne illnesses or food poisoning to some is just an uncomfortable couple of days, to others it can be deadly. Always use a thermometer just to be sure what your eating is cooked! Follow these guidelines below.

Whole Chicken 82°C or 180°F
Chicken Breasts 74°C or 165°F
Whole Turkey 82°C or 180°F
Turkey Breast 74°C or 165°F

Boning Knife


The narrow blade is used to cut raw meat away from bones, trim fat and remove skin. A boning knife is available with a semi-flex blade or stiff blade . A semi-flex blade is often chosen when the Chef wants just one boning knife, as this blade has the benefits of both a flexible and stiff blade.  Used for more than just poultry; it can be used for fish, beef and pork. The narrow, slightly curved blade provides good control of the blade tip when cutting around bones.

Carving Knife


Used to slice thin slices of cooked poultry, roasts and hams.  A carving knife is generally wider than a slicing knife, but narrower than a Chef’s (French) knife. The blade length required depends on the size of the cooked meat being cut.

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