Why Nutrition Should be More Important When Cooking in a Restaurant Setting

When a New Year begins people often use this new beginning as a promise not to repeat mistakes of the past. They are motivated to eat healthier, work out more, focus more on family; the list goes on and on.

I found this blog post from tylersculinary a few months ago and thought it was very interesting and appropriate for the New Year. More than ever, people are making an effort to eat healthier on a regular basis; however, we all indulge in the occasional dinner out with friends and family. When the waiter or waitress comes to take your order, you are dedicated to choose the “healthiest” option on the menu, which often times is a salad with some sort of protein. Why is that one of the only options to eating clean? Restaurants need to start taking more responsibility and offering more nutritious and healthy meals to their customers.

Check out Tyler’s post and see this culinary student’s point of view!


Generally when going out to eat we don’t really think about what we are eating from a nutritional standpoint. During the night on the town, dining at the fancy French restaurant, we probably consume over one thousand calories in one sitting. The portion sizes are very large at most places, or you have multiple courses. Eating like that every once in a while shouldn’t be too harmful, but it will leave you not feeling so great the next day. It puts a heavy strain on your body.

On a recent venture to Fogo De Chao, I tried over 20 different meats. Every different meat had something special about it, I learned a lot. The next day, and even the ride home, I wasn’t feeling too great. I overate because it was an experience and I wasn’t thinking about it. I tried over 20 different meats and had a few drinks. I…

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